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Tesla Team

More than 35 skilled professionals drive Tesla’s success. We set out to enlist only the most experienced over-achievers and then expect the best performance. Our clients think we’ve succeed.

Dimitri Amar, President
Dimitri is the founder of Tesla Electric with 15 years of electrical experience and troubleshooting & maintenance knowledge. .He oversees general operations and directs major construction projects.
Dimitri has more than 10 years experience with land and sea-based oil rig platforms. Most notably, he fabricated Rig 9 for Pool Arctic Alaska, the Osprey platform on the inlet for Nabors Drilling (NAD), major rig modifications for rig 22E for NAD and managed on-site electrical crews for Tesla clients.

Dimitri’s recent experience includes:
  • Design and Construction of Nabors Rig 27E upgrades and providing new systems including module construction in Anchorage.
  • Directing major electrical modifications for Nabors Rig 19AC.
  • Directing major electrical modifications and upgrades for Nabors Rig 245E.
  • Oversight of power generation upgrades for Kuukpik Rig 5E.
Dave Rogers, Vice President

Dimitri Amar

Dave Rogers
Vice Presidnet
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