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Tesla operates two different fabrication plants one in Anchorage, Alaska and second in Williston, ND. The most important components of our fabrication capacity are the over 500 highly skilled employees. Our employees are truly craftsmen whose skills, knowledge, and passion are poured into each piece that leaves the plant.
After all the required steel has been machined, employees begin transferring crucial dimensions from the drawings to the actual piece of steel. This information contains detail part marks, exact dimensions, and the necessary weld symbols used for final fabrication. This process requires skilled craftsmen, many of whom have been working for Tesla for several decades.
  • Heavy Fabrication: Tesla has a dedicated shop for the fabrication of heavier assemblies that can weigh up to 120,000 lbs. Using robotic controlled Submerged Arc machines, we are capable of building any dimension plate girder, box column, or truss required by our customers.
  • Truss and Frame Fabrication: Tesla has areas in some shops for the assembly of large frames and trusses. By fabricating the finished assembly together, Tesla is able to ensure customers that the truss will fit properly when erecting the assembly in the field.
  • Miscellaneous: Each plant has the ability to fabricate miscellaneous steel manufacturing stairs, handrails, ladders and other non structural metal products. These custom designed assemblies can be made from several different materials including stainless steel, brass, aluminum and composites.
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